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Katie Major
painted my room todaaaay.
well, two walls.
of four, obviously.

it was funnnn.
but my mum dropped paint on my elbow,
which is hard to get off 'cause i can't see it.
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Current Music: a walk through hell - say anything.
Katie Major
went for a walk today.
there was a lake,
and ducks.
i got scared.

but i got an ice-cream and a pub lunch out of it.
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Current Music: goddnight & goodbye - jonas brothers.
Katie Major

there's this joe jonas fanfiction,
and its the sequel to my favourite FF ever.
this chapter,
joe was opening his acceptance letters to see
which colleges he got into, and those he didn't.
the thing is, harper, his girlfriend is on a
scholarship to brown,
and he wants to be close to her.

this is the first FF ever that's actually provoked emotion from me.

After the most painfully silent minute of my life, I looked up to find Joe staring blankly at the paper.

His eyes didn’t stray from the sheet in front of him as he whispered the four most devastating words I’d ever heard leave his mouth. “I didn’t get in.”

My heart rate tripled and I was sure Joe could hear it from where he was standing. I looked at him for a long moment and his face remained expressionless. He was still rooted to the same spot in front of me.

I let out a laugh. “You’re joking, right? Come on, Joe. That’s not funny.”

His face showed no signs of humor. Standing up, I walked the few steps over to where he was and took the paper out of his frozen hands.

Dear Joseph,
    The Providence College Board of Admission has completed its evaluation of more than 19,000 applications to the Class of 2012, and it is with great regret that I must inform you that your application could not be included among our acceptances. To deny admission is an unhappy business, as much for those responsible for the decision as for the candidate who is turned away.

I didn’t even read past the first paragraph. Just two phrases were enough to make my eyes well up with tears.

'And it is with great regret… Your application could not be included…'

When I looked up, after what seemed like hours of reading over and over that my boyfriend would not be accompanying me to Providence after all, Joe had turned around so his back was facing me. I wanted nothing more than to take that one step between us and hug him, but I couldn’t. My feet were glued to the floor.

I watched as his shoulders started trembling with heavy breathing and his hands clenched into fists at his sides. He was only a few feet away from me but it might as well have been a few miles. It felt like he was in an entirely different zip code.

He ripped his hands through his hair furiously, tugging and pulling at whatever he could grab between his fingers. And I just idly stood there, unreactive. In a sudden movement, Joe had hurled himself to the other side of the room and in what seemed like slow motion, propelled his arm forward, punching the wall before him with a guttural growl deep from the back of his throat. His fist had punctured a hole in the thin dry wall and a smattering of white dust and plaster rested at his feet.

The stillness was broken.

Horrified, I brought my hand up to my mouth to stifle the sob that wracked through my chest. The tears that had collected in my eyes broke loose and rolled free down my cheeks, running into my mouth and down my chin.

At the sound of my crying, Joe wheeled around on his heels instantly and stared at me like he had just seen me for the first time. And in that moment, I was terrified of him. It was like I didn’t know who he was at all. His chest was heaving up and down as he struggled to catch his breath and his jaw was clenched so tight I could almost hear the grinding of his teeth.

The letter slipped from my grasp and fell to the floor. My mouth opened to speak, but my throat was dry with the words I didn’t know how to say. I felt like a fish out of water.

Then my eyes fell against his and I saw the rage melt away slowly from his gaze.

“Joe?” I managed to croak out. It sounded more like a question that a plea.

He strode across the room to me and in a second had his hands gently cupping my jaw, his forehead set to mine. With eyes closed shut, he slowly slipped to his knees in front of me, hands trailing down my neck, shoulders, and arms until he could wrap them around my waist and bury his face into my stomach.

Another sob ripped through me and I found myself doubling over him, tangling my hands in his hair and kissing the top of his head, silently praying that everything would be okay. But all I could hear was that one sentence.

'And it is with great regret… '

go read it. now.
here's the link:
to 'A Walk Through Hell', the first part of the series.

and the link to 'As Lovers Go', part two is,
you will NOT regret it.
i promise.

go go gooooo!

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Katie Major
got the paint for my room today.
remember i said i wanted purple?
well, i bought blue and green instead.
they're prettyyyy (:

now i just have to pull down all my posters.
i've decided to make a scrapbook of them all.
should be fun to make.

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Current Music: i'm on a boat - the lonely island ft. t-pain.
Katie Major

why does america do everything better than the UK?
even their parodies are so much better than our pathetic attemps.
comedians over here always seem to over-do the joke,
so its not funny.

i'm soooo moving to the USA when i'm older.

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Current Music: nothing ever hurt like you - james morrison.
Katie Major

i can't spell 'anniversary' for the life of me.

okay, i've done my birthday celebration for joe,
so i'm gonna go do some photoshopping.

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Katie Major
14 August 2009 @ 09:08 pm

so, after watching countless videos of
battlefield and much better from the
JB world tour, i've decided that;

the rest of the world < joe jonas.
just sayin'.

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Katie Major
14 August 2009 @ 08:30 pm

downloading the cab's album.
i love those guys.

i'll run  is in my head constantly.
love itttt.

think i'm gonna make a new wallpaper.
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Current Music: i'll run - the cab.
Katie Major

watching coronation street,
& its steve and becky's wedding.
i wonder if there's ever going to be
a soap wedding when everything
goes smoothly?

no. probably not.

watched the TCA's today, finally.
JB did a really good job hosting,
i was proud (:
& joe's vocals on much better,
proud is not the word.

and, for the iWin run, too;
joe, well doneee (:
you kept those muscles well hidden, too (;

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Katie Major
had a reallllly fun day today.
s'been a right laugh.
& also, found out my fave member
or honor society & i share the same
birthday. YAAAY.
august 11th ftw.
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