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Katie Major
i think i've got swine flu.
but i'm probably just being dramatic.
so it's probably just a cold.

whatever it is,
it is craaap.

listening to the fray, james morrison & john mayer to relax me (:
and then jb, of course. <3

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Current Music: you found me - the fray.
Katie Major

went to see G.I. Joe today at the cinema.
i recommend it (:

channing was looking mighty fine, too haha.


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Current Music: love sick - jonas brothers.
Katie Major
chocolate cornflake clusters are not the best thing to eat with a half numb mouth,
but they are like heaven in the un-numb part.

just sayin'.
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Current Music: pleasure ryland - cobra starship.
Katie Major
05 August 2009 @ 06:03 pm
went to the dentists today for a filling.
my mouth is numb.
& my mum keeps giving me drinks,
'cause apparently, she doesn't understand that i can't
tell where my cup is,
therefore drink spills, i get wet, she shouts.
i do love my mum though (:
Current Music: man in the mirror - james morrison.
Katie Major

not anymoree.

JB videos on youtube to entertain meee.
nothing better than watching joe on a sunday afternoon. (:

if i find any amusing ones,
i'll be sure to post.

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Current Music: much better - jonas brothers.
Katie Major

done nothing today,
apart from play on sims,
watch pirates of the caribbean,
& had a gossip girl fest tonight (:

i love dvd box-sets.
i just want series 2 of GG nowwww.
birthday hint, yes?

nowww, big brother.
i love summer holidays <3
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Katie Major
01 August 2009 @ 06:03 pm

can i just say,
its 10 days 'til by birthday.

i'm exciteddd.

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Current Music: hallelujah - paramore.
Katie Major
01 August 2009 @ 05:57 pm
new moodtheme (:
took me ages to upload haa.

full credit to @coolmyheart (:
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Katie Major

james morrison is a legend.

please note the bold.
that's how much of a legend he is.
Current Music: dream on hayley - james morrison.
Katie Major
31 July 2009 @ 04:39 pm

spent the morning watching the jonas brothers bonus dvd.
i enjoyed cocky joe, if i'm honest.
i don't know why he seems so cocky on this dvd,
'cause normally, he seems pretty, well, not cocky,
but either way, he's very attractive. haha (:

my mum decided that everytime kevin goes off stage,
he must have a heart attack,
'cause he never stops moving.
bless himmmm.

oh, by the way,
spotify is crap.
the only song i want to listen to,
'cause i can't download it anywhereee,
spotify doesn't have.
): boooo.


Current Music: radar - britney spears.